Diabetes Helpline

The Diabetes Helpline hours of operation have been extended to 8pm Mon – Fri, and Saturday mornings.

This advice line is for both consumers and health professionals, particularly if GPs need advice regarding available diabetes related services or product supply advice.

The helpline provides access to the Diabetes WA team of diabetes educators, dietitians, pharmacists, exercise physiologists.

Diabetes Helpline: 1300 001 880

Good control of diabetes (normalising blood sugar levels) with diet/ medication is important to maintain good eye and kidney health. Blood pressure control and regular cholesterol screening also help to maintain a healthy heart. Many patients with diabetes will eventually require insulin injections to keep blood sugar levels normal. At Key Largo Medical Centre our doctors are experienced in the management of diabetes and can also organise insulin initiation. As part of a comprehensive diabetes care plan, patients will receive regular diabetes reviews to monitor their condition and optimise treatment. We also work closely with allied health providers such as our diabetes nurse educators and podiatrists.

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Please fill the following Discovery Sheet and take a print out while coming to meet our doctors.

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