Appointment types

A standard routine appointment is 10-15 minutes. Minor surgical procedures, including IUCD insertion and Implanon insertion/removal, are 30 minutes. An iron infusion requires an hour long appointment.

We endeavour to minimise waiting times, and, if you have multiple issues to discuss, or require counselling, please consider booking a double appointment.

If you require an urgent appointment please inform our reception team and this can then be dealt with effectively


If an appointment needs to be cancelled, then please let our reception team know as soon as possible. In this way, the appointment can be booked by another patient, instead of being wasted. If the appointment is cancelled at very late notice, and remains unbooked, a cancellation fee will be charged.

Phone messages

If you have concerns that you wish to discuss with your doctor, it is probably best to do this in person. This is because the doctor will have more time to discuss the issue, and it may be that an examination is required. Doctors will only take urgent phone calls during surgery owing to the importance of keeping interruptions to a minimum. Messages can be left with the reception team and the doctor can then return phone calls at a convenient time. If the matter is about an urgent medical issue, then please make this clear to the reception team, who can then deal with this in the most appropriate manner.


If you have tests done, please organise a follow up appointment to discuss results and further management. A normal test result may be an indication for further investigation or specialist referral, and, therefore, for patient safety it is important to discuss all test results with the doctor. Test results may, in certain cases, be given on the phone by our practice nurse after discussion with the relevant doctor. Pap smear results will be sent to patients. If a test result is abnormal a recall will be organised by our practice nurse. Please note that test results may not be given to third parties (including family members), without your written consent.


Chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma are best managed with regular follow up to reduce the risk of long term complications and to optimise treatment. Our clinical team will provide a coordinated programme of care and will send out timely reminders for review appointments.

Record keeping

Patient records are kept electronically. If you have registered for the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) then please let your doctor know and new diagnoses and medication updates can be uploaded. Your PCEHR can be accessed by you and doctors involved in your care including hospital emergency departments.

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We aim to provide you with the best possible service and welcome all feedback. If for any reason you are disappointed with your patient experience, please direct your complaint to our reception. Please address complaints to:

Key Largo Medical Centre
61 Ocean Keys Boulevard
Clarkson 6030

Billing policy

Key Largo Medical Centre offers bulk billed consultations during office hours for current Medicare card holders. Minor surgical procedures, iron infusions and other services not covered by Medicare will incur a private fee.

The pricing of minor surgical procedures varies depending on the nature of the procedure. Please contact our reception team for further information.

Weekend appointments will incur an out of pocket fee of $15 or $20 as detailed in the table below

If you are a pensioner, health care card holder or child under 16 years old there is no out of pocket cost.

Saturday mornings Fee ($) Rebate ($) Out of pocket fee ($)
Standard consultation <20 minutes 53.75 38.75 15.00
Long consultation 20-40 minutes 90.05 75.05 15.00
Extended >40 minutes 125.50 110.50 15.00
After hours (Saturday afternoon and Sundays/public holidays)  
Standard 70.55 50.55 20.00
Long 106.60 86.60 20.00
Extended 141.45 121.45 20.00