First Visit

Please follow the steps below to make the most of your appointment at Key Largo Medical Centre:

  • Make a problem list: It is helpful if you can make a list of the concerns that you wish to discuss with your doctor. Please share this list early in your consultation and this will enable your doctor to prioritise your problems. If necessary you may be asked to book a further appointment to cover all your concerns if not all of the problems can be addressed in one consultation.
  • Medical history: Please provide your doctor with a detailed personal and family medical history.
  • Medication: Please provide your doctor with a list of all medications being taken, including over the counter or alternative medication. It is also essential that you inform us of any medication allergies or side effects that you have experienced in the past.
  • Time Management: Most problems can be covered within a routine consultation but if you do have multiple or complex issues that you wish to discuss, then please consider booking a longer appointment. Most mental health problems are best addressed during a longer consultation.
  • Transfer of medical records: If you wish to transfer your medical records from your previous surgery, then please complete and print the records transfer form. Please give the completed and signed form to our reception team who will then organise transfer of your medical record. Your previous practice may charge a small fee for this service. Click here to go to the records transfer form.
  • Medicare Rebate: If you wish to set up automatic payment of your Medicare rebate into your bank account please arrange this via the Medicare online website. Click here to go to Medicare Online
  • What to bring to your appointment:
    • Medicare/DVA/pension/concession card
    • List of current medication
    • Results of any investigations eg pap smear, blood results, x rays/scans.